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lordes hair

Unless your unplugged from technology, you’ll know about Lorde, the mesmerizing New Zealand singer / songwriter. At 16, her first single, Royals, has already climbed the Billboard charts; she’s graced magazine spreads and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel. Though I’m enamored with her soulful voice, I’m even more obsessed with her beautiful and voluminous hair. Who wouldn’t be? Her long luxurious waves have me wishing I never chopped my hair into a lob. I’m not the only one with hair envy. Want to mimic the pop star’s waves? Read on to learn how. –– Michelle Rotbart

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This cut requires a certain amount of daring. It’s a showstopper with an edgy vibe that comes with lots of benefits. It’s the best of both worlds: short and long. Crisp edges around the front sculpt the lines of the face and add drama while length at the sides and back provide versatility and softness. The shape is fresh, fashion forward, and flattering, allowing you to have a taste of bob without sacrificing the ponytail option. If your tempted to give it a try, click the style notes for instructions. –– Laura Martin  Click for StyleNotes →

Last week we posted a tutorial on flat iron bootcamp and how to properly use hot tools. This week we’re showing you why. Aspiring beauty vlogger, Tory Locklear, met disaster when her heat-styling went wrong. She burned off, yes, burned off a whole chunk of hair with a curling wand. She didn’t know the rules of heat styling: One, prep hair with a product that protects against heat; two, check the temperature gauge; three, hold on hair for a maximum of seven seconds. If only she read StyleNoted…Watch the video for a chuckle, and for an important heat styling lesson in what not to do with a wand.  –– Michelle Rotbart

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Bobs are having a moment, experiencing a level of popularity that almost rivals their original debut in the 1920s. During prohibition the shape was so well-liked that it was considered unfashionable to wear any other style. Many daring women chopped their tresses, but those that preferred to keep their length mastered the art of creating the short shape by tucking and pinning. Now that bobs are back on the rise, knowing how to create a temporary version is essential. Read on for steps to creating this timeless vintage look. –– Laura Martin Click for StyleNotes →