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bad haircut
Imagine you walked into the salon with the anticipation of getting a brand new A-list ‘do, but walked out disappointed. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your hair be hacked into a botched look. And while we are tempted to hide until our hair grows back, there are solutions on how to fix and even love an unimaginable new ‘do. If you’re not happy with your current cut, read on to learn some alternatives to wearing a hat everyday for the next two months. –– Michelle Rotbart Click for StyleNotes →
mia farrow
Mia Farrow is synonymous with scandal: A messy marriage to Frank Sinatra, an even messier situation with Woody Allen, but the hair-obsessed will always remember the pixie scandal. The cut famously given to her by Vidal Sasson on the set of her breakout role in Rosemary’s Baby is stamped in public memory.  Over four decades later, the still popular cut made headlines again. Earlier this year, Mia corrected a statement in the New York Times, declaring that she cut the pixie herself with fingernail scissors. The hair community was shocked. Yet who really knows what’s true and what’s not. One thing’s for sure, fans continue to embrace and mimic this famous cut. Want to be as iconic as Mia? Read on to get the details. –– Michelle Rotbart

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In the best styles, cut and color work together, enhancing each other for a polished end result. As bobs continue to grow in popularity, colorists are turning their attention to new techniques which play off the sleek surface and strong lines of the shape. The looks shown here use color melting to add brightness at the shine line — the area where light naturally hits the head. Read on to get the formulas and step-by-step instructions.–– Laura Martin 

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I love wet look styles for the way they combine beachiness, grunge, and polish. Pushing hair back away from the face provides a youthful yet edgy feeling. The combination of slick roots and satiny ends is fresh, sexy and tough. Half-dry texture has been all over the runway for a few years; now it’s time to bring it to the streets. Read on for simple steps to rocking this stunning look.–– Laura Martin 

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