From the monthly archives: "November 2013"

Whoever said short hair is not feminine, nor sexy, only need to take one look at this contemporary crop cut. Dynamic undercutting enables fluidity, softness, versatility and texture. The shape of this cut gives weightless, head-hugging curvature, accentuates the female head shape, and provides versatile styling options. If you love the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-drove-to-Vegas-with-the-top-down feeling of perfectly imperfect, unkempt hairstyles, this is your go-to. The gorgeous ash-blonde color makes an already edgy style extra gritty and tough –– in a seductive, tantalizing way.

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In a time of changing hair color trends, we’ve seen the rise of ombre, and more recently pastel-colors have been on everyone’s radar. Now actress Vanessa Hudgens is opting for an edgier hue, debuting dark purple tips as accent to her classic raven. Katy Perry is the queen of the whole head of Tyrian, but we love Vanessa’s more wearable look. This is a great way for brunettes to try out the colored hair trend without sacrificing their dark locks. Would you be brave enough to put on purple tips?

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The Beckham’s certainly have a handle on that totem pole. Once, he played soccer and she sang songs. Now they have a A-list celebrity status, a global brand, and they influence how women and men dress, smell, and style their hair. Their allure is so persuasive that Victoria, not known for her luminous mind, is guest editing the December-January edition of Vogue Paris. We can’t wait for her perspicacious discourse, but for now we can enjoy the early release of these intimate portraits, which will feature on the cover of the upcoming Vogue issue.


It’s often the case that we have a signature style that we love, and that always seems to look right, but when it comes to making a change, something fancy, fun, or hip, perhaps for a night on the town, we struggle to create. Yet if you use the right products and tools, or can keep a few good tips and tricks in you back pocket, you can positively change your style, quick as a flash. So if there’s more Holiday parties to attend this weekend, and you need a new look to make you feel good,  use the images above for inspiration, and find our quick and easy tips to help your hair feel trendy and new in the style notes.

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