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Even celebrity superstars are susceptible to the odd hair ‘do disaster. Talking to, Jennifer Anniston said, “I did this thing called a Brazilian and my hair did not react really well to it.” Seems like a polite way of saying they totally screwed up my look to us, but whatever happened at the backwash, the resulting long bob is a refreshing change for Jen. Shoulder length and lightly layered with a swooshing fringe, the shape appears effortless and refined, and perfectly frames her eyes, cheekbones and chin. One of the It styles of 2013, the Lob is here to stay; to learn how to get it, and then successfully style it at home, click notes.
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Ponytails are still trending for the autumn season. I’ve tried sleek, textured, and tousled, but my favorite of 2013 was worn by Blake Lively to the the Met Gala earlier this year. Blake’s pony was voluminous, segmented, and totally cool. The inside scoop was that Blake’s stylist was bored of regular ponies. For Blake’s style, he found inspiration in a pony worn by Elizabeth Taylor at her first wedding to Richard Burton. Best yet, this look is easy to recreate and will surely get you noticed on the catwalk or the street. Click through to style notes to learn how to get the look. –– Michelle Rotbart 
Step 1: Start with hair that’s been air-dried for natural texture. Or use a diffuser and rough dry hair. Spray in refinish to add in some tousle.
Step 2: Pull the crown of your hair into a ponytail and secure with elastic.
Step 3: Take a small section of hair taken from the formed ponytail and wrap it around the base and pin into place.
Step 4: Repeat the above process with the remaining sections of hair.
Step 5: To add volume, gently push each elastic up until hair bulges. Spray with primp.

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There are lots of reason’s not to wash your hair everyday. Going longer between shampoos prevents strands from drying out, keeps color from fading, and even lessens hair’s oil production. But sometimes, second, or third, day hair can look pretty scary. Whether you wake up with oily roots, wild bed head, frizz, or flatness we’ve got solutions that go far beyond the ponytail option. Read on to learn the tricks to looking fresh without shampooing. –– Laura Martin

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Monochromatic looks that use multiple shades of the same tone create a simple, clean feeling, adding elegance to vibrant tones. This pairing of concord and muscadine is bright, but balanced, with the most vivid grape hues hidden on the interior for swinging flashes of brightness. Get the formulas and application tips for the juicy combination of colors in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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