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After dancing her way to stardom, Julianne Hough’s girl next door appeal is now making her a fashion and beauty trendsetter. Combining a French braid and a topknot, one of her latest looks, this casually undone updo, is sure to be copied at Holiday parties across the country.  Updos are great for creating an illusion of lift for cheekbones and chin, lips and eyes, which is what makes them such a popular, beautifying style. It may appear complicated, but Julianne’s ‘do is surprisingly easy to recreate at your vanity table. To learn how, click style notes.

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Chris Hermann’s classic features pair beautifully with the strong lines of a bob. The geometric shape turns under naturally, making styling a breeze, but it’s also a fun shape to pin, twist, and tousle. Enhancing texture, adding volume, changing the part, slicking it down, and clipping it back are quick and easy ways to give the timeless shape a whole new look. Read on for steps to recreating the five styles shown above, and bring some editorial chic to your own classic cut. –– Laura Martin 

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Ever since the sixties –– think twiggy’s iconic crop –– attention-seeking celebrities have used the drama of a short hair cut to put themselves in the spotlight. In our age, the likes of Emma Watson, Miley Cyrus, Shailene Woodley, and Coco Rocha have all taken the snip, and then posted pictures of their new image, encouraging the world to marvel at their daring makeovers. JLaw hardly needs more overtures and we loved her long, flowing, carefree tresses, so this was a shocker. But we can’t deny that her new look is better than good. With a tight nape and a gushing asymmetrical line angling into sweeping bangs, she creates both-head-hugging shape and artful unbalance, for the perfect marriage of punk and pixie. One fun thing about short styles is the ability to rearrange the aesthetic from day to day; you can go from sleek and smooth to textured and tousled in a flash. For our tips, click style notes.

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