From the daily archives: "Wednesday, November 13, 2013"
Now that we’ve all calmed down from the Jennifer Lawrence pixie-cut bombshell we can take a closer look at her new style. There’s a tightly tapered nape through the back (evidenced by the way height and volume reaches its apex at the crown), and an asymmetrical, short to long feel through the top and sides. But it’s the piece-y separation of texture that gives this style the modern, perfectly imperfect aesthetic. She’s such a looker, and the cut exposes features like strong, high cheekbones, wide mouth, and unusual eyes, which is always a good way to approach your beauty look. So while we’ll miss the flowing tousled locks that gave JLaw a maverick wow-factor, we can’t deny that she looks like a seraph. If you’d like to ascend the celestial hierarchy, click style notes for tips on short hair cuts.

We love vintage inspiration, from jewelry to fabulous hair, and we were so excited to find the retro shampoo commercial from the 1970s. Blonde bombshell Kim Basinger, sings the praises of a beer enriched shampoo Body on Tap. “Super body, Super Hold, for the Shine of your life.” We hear you Kim, which is why 35 years later we’ve moved past beer and to Shine Luxe Shampoo. For a super laugh, watch the video. –– Michelle Rotbart

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The loops of a braided bun form layers of scalloped shapes like the petals of a mum. The complex, delicate texture is a fun update for the classic bun. Braids, loose or tight, three-strand, fishtail, or rope, can create a variety of finishes. Placing the bun low adds softness to the look, for even more romance, add a headband braid at the front hairline. read on for steps to creating the floral-inspired style. –– Laura Martin

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Vibrant hair color has entered the mainstream, but that doesn’t mean a full head of electric orange is right for everyone. In fact, vivid hues are taking a softer approach this season, dusting ends and trailing through layers in delicate ribbons. The subdued placement keeps the bright shades in their place, adding playfulness without overpower your look. Get tips on achieving your own touch of brightness in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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