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Gabriela Isler, the latest winner of the illustrious Miss Universe contest, took her crown dressed in a crown of curls. It’s a beautiful style that anyone would want to emulate. But when you hear that the hair team, led by Abel Salazar, booked for the show spent two weeks creating the runway-ready looks, you know it will be tricky to turn out a similar shape at your vanity table. Yet with textured tresses on the vanguard of beauty trends, there are now new, easy and convenient ways to add wave and curl to your locks. Our preferred method is American Wave, a salon service that uses iconic technology to create resilient, natural-looking wave and curl patterns for today’s style conscious consumers. Now available at salons around the country, and offering a variety of texture transformations –– from loose waves to buoyant swirls –– we think it’s time more people knew about this new wave of curl. For a closer look at American Wave services, click style notes.

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The amazing benefits of dry shampoo has changed our beauty routines. We can use it to extend a blow out, and to give us more time between washes, making our lives easier and more convenient, especially when we need to go from work day to date night in a flash. I can’t live without at least two cans, one for home, one for the gym bag. Keeping it so close, I have discovered some other useful hair benefits for the girl about town. Want the inside scoop on my miracle style rescue? Click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart 

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Purple is the least common color in nature which may be why it’s so stunning paired with earth tones. Plum tones which are a little warmer than violets, look great with caramel and chocolate browns, possibly because they are a form of neutral themselves. Red violet is one of the few hues that can look warm or cool depending on the surrounding tones, and it enhances instead of overpowering chocolate and caramel tones. Click the style notes for the formulations and application tips to achieving the this stunning pairing of hues. –– Laura Martin

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There are many hairstyles that I love for specific reasons — their ties to history, their versatility — but some I just love. This look isn’t very practical, but there’s something fun and sexy about mixing a conservative cut with bright, funky color. Yellow hair plays with fantasy, recalling cartoons, songs and fairytales. A square bob on the other hand is iconic; it’s professional and powerful, yet girlish. The mixing of their dissimilar elements is compelling, unexpected yet charming. It may not be your go-to style, but if you’re intrigued you can get a temporary version in a few easy, reversible steps. –– Laura Martin 

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