From the daily archives: "Tuesday, November 19, 2013"
Flowing flaxen locks, flouncy white dresses, matching makeup –– if you thought you knew JLaw’s image, the last week or two will have had you pitching from a new playbook. After instagraming the world her new pixie cut the Oscar-winning actress showed us how playful and pretty and ladylikeher new look can be. Now, at the Parisian Premiere of the Hunger Games: Catching Fire, she totally changes it up, going for what we can only describe as luscious gothic couture for the lady of the night. Rather than wear her hair tousled and lived-in (as is the norm for ladies that go short), here she sports a sleek, paired down, head-hugging side-sweep. Put with pale and stark makeup that contrasts an all-black, rip-torn Christian Dior bodice, she looks dramatically, ruthlessly fashionable and sexy. Dare you wear such a statement hairstyle? For our tips, click style notes.

This isn’t the most fashionable of videos but certainly one of the most innovative. Leave it to a dad to figure out a way to quickly style his little daughter’s hair into the perfect ponytail. The technique has been dubbed the “dad salon,” with numerous variations popping up online. Watch how this father creates a voluminous ponytail in the video above…just don’t try this at home.  –– Michelle Rotbart 


Pixie cuts can be simple, but for the last few decades we’ve been seeing complicated variation. Undercuts, piecey texture, long fringes, geometric outlines and many other custom details have adapted and personalized this timeless style. But now, forty five years after Mia Farrow’s daring chop, pixie’s are returning to their sixties roots, taking on cleaner, classically tailored dimensions. Neat, short and uniformly layered, the original variation hugs the head, opens the features, and elongates the neck. Read on for steps on wearing this timeless style. –– Laura Martin

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Hair Color How-To: Inspiration &Formulation for Peacock Feathers

Flashes of brightness against a dark background have a feathery quality reminiscent of beautiful plumage. Turquoise is tranquil and exotic. It’s a trendy and beautiful choice for adding a pop of vibrant color. Try it in vertical panels as shown here, or use it to create a stunning ombre. Read on for the formula for peacock feather blue, some recommended complementary browns, and application tips. –– Laura Martin

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