From the daily archives: "Wednesday, November 20, 2013"


With flowing red hair and a radiant glow Bella Thorne’s sparkly spirit is worth emulating over the Holidays. This Bardot-inspired, hair-raising beehive is a good place to start. She keeps it modern with a full fringe, and by allowing half of her strands to be free of the updo, dangling down the sides in a tumbling wave cascade. The flirty, puffed up bouffant steals the show, though: It creates an illusion of lift for cheekbones and chin, lips and eyes; and says ‘sexy,’ ‘classy,’ and ‘occasion’ at the same time. To learn how to create it, click style notes.

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We’re brining you another hair gem from yesteryear, but this one’s for the men. A talking camel –– yes, camel –– advises the debonair men of the 1950s to use Vitalis, a hair tonic to keep their hair neat and protected from the elements. “Does wonders for your hair and for you too.” Even back in the 50s sexy hair was marketed as a technique to get with the ladies. You know what I mean! –– Michelle Rotbart 

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This texture goes beyond tousled — it is seriously mussed, rumpled and windblown. It’s wild quality feels sensual and untamed, like it’s been out partying all night and still wants more. It’s just the thing to add a little attitude without sacrificing glamour, perfect for spicing up a simple ensemble or taking an avant-garde look to new heights. To learn how to get untamed beauty in a few simple steps, click style notes. –– Laura Martin

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