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It’s Friday, and we’re gearing up for Holiday fun, so it’s a great time to embellish your hairstyle with a fancy accessory. Dianna Agron’s example is a great way to keep adornments sparkly, classy and cool. Her headband is slimline, which keeps it subtle, yet sparkly, which keeps it festive. And her hair is dressed in the perfect fashion to compliment her ornamental crown: Loose tousle and flow. For our tips on wearing accessories with style and class, click notes.

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We all want to be sexy, but it’s an elusive state. A few wisps of silk, a come-hither smile, and rumpled, rolled-out-of-bed hair certainly help, yet it is power and submission, obedience and domination that really gets pulses racing. In the latest shoot by fashion photographer Jeff Tse, Leigh Yeager puts knickers in a twist with a series of poses, artfully suggestive of power and subservience, servility and control. If you’re aiming to please this weekend, click style notes for impassioned inspiration.

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One fun thing about the Holidays is the chance to dress up. So round about now women and girls all over the world are busying themselves with the search for their festive party styles, from shoes and frock to hair, makeup, and accessories. This look from Kate Bosworth is worth emulating, for New Years Eve, or other jubilant Holiday occasions. With an off the shoulder seasonly sparkly dress and hair swept up, she exposes her neck and shoulders, highlighting femininity. Swanky earrings add more bedazzle, while the updo, rather than appearing too formal or forced in the old-fashioned style, has a loose, windblown, swept-up-in-a-flash, modern feel, yet still does what updos do best: Raise the profile of cheekbones and chin, lips and eyes. To learn how to make a similar hairstyle for your Holiday jollies, click style notes. 

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With hair dark and textured, eyes smoldering, body glistening Brazilian bombshell Barbara Fialho stars in the latest shoot by all-star photographer, Fernando Mazza. While we can’t get you Barbara’s perfect pout or loamy loins, we can recommend ways to recreate her hairstyle, even if your natural texture is perfectly straight.

Way One: Roller-set hair in 1-inch rollers over night and, in the morning, mist with primp working spray and brush out till hair begins to fall into a tumbling cascade of curls.

Way Two: Use protective thickening lotion to shield hair from heat and use a curling iron or wand to create pin-curls. Using pin-curl clips, clip curls to head and allow to cool. Once cool, release clips and brush out, the same as Way One.

Way Three: Create her texture permanently with a professional American Wave Service. “From beach waves to curvaceous styles, we use American Wave to shape soft, natural-looking wave and curl patterns for today’s fashionable clientele,” says Nick Arrojo, inventor of this pioneering salon service. To find a salon near you that practices American Wave, go here.

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