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In more ways than one, Taylor Swift killed it at this past weekend’s American Music Awards. Kelly Osbourne may have walked away with the mostusual hair accessory crown but, as well as scooping up four AMA’s voted for by her adoring public, Taylor also took home the sexiest hairstyle of the night. Eschewing her two signature looks –– sleek strands and hair braids –– in favor of the kind of flouncy, voluminous, tousled texture that says, ‘hey, I just had a roll in the hay,’ the Swift one’s ‘do oozes sex appeal. Want to learn how to turn your fine and thin locks into a look that’s bouncing but behaving? To learn our tricks, click style notes.

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Many people attempting to eat healthy feel added stress during the holidays. With so many delicious entrees to tempt healthy eaters it’s difficult to keep those good habits alive. This year I’m doing my best to keep my diet in check so I don’t’ have an aching belly or an extra five pounds. And I’m doing it by sticking to foods I know that will make my hair happy and healthy! It may be a bit unorthodox but what’s good for your heart is also good for your head (of hair). Click through to style notes to see what I’ll be enjoying this holiday season to keep my hair and looking the best from inside out. –– Michelle Rotbart

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From carnation and carrot to fuchsia and strawberry, this paring of tones just works. There’s something about these two colors that represent the farthest ends of the red spectrum. When placed side by side the tones feel both complementary and contrasting. The result is edgy, but feminine, with the vibrance and softness of an autumn sunset. Read on to learn more about this lovely pairing. –– Laura Martin 

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