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Goldwell’s Reallusion collection mixes bold, asymmetrical cuts with softly blended color for looks that are strong but delicate. Soft highlights at the rounds of the head add healthful shine while geometric shapes provide a futuristic edge. Smooth surfaces and simple styling add softness. This year, hair styles will be all about the perfect blend of hard and soft. Learn more about hair trends for 2014 in the style notes.  –– Laura Martin

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Short shapes and bright colors made 2013 a playful and exciting year for hair. Soft placement and gradual transitions gave colors elegance, whether bright or muted. Cropped shapes gave a nod to the classics, with familiar structures in modern finishes. Natural styling, lots of shine and texturized ends gave looks a soft touchable quality. Read on to learn more about my top 5 looks from 2013.  –– Laura Martin

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The topknot has a different vibe than other up-styles. It feels edgy, casual, and a little tough. It isn’t precious, cute, or overly feminine, and last year it was one of the most popular looks among fashionistas. Then, like many trends, it’s popularity declined; it was replaced by low ponytails, milkmaid braids, and wet-look chignons. But the topknot is making a comeback. Revamped with a slightly softer, expanded shape, the re-imagined topknot is sure to become a staple for 2014. Read on for step-by-step instructs to getting this trending look. –– Laura Martin

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There are many misguided ideas about hair, especially with regard to how to cut, color, and style it. From believing that trimming hair makes it grow faster to thinking a new hair color guarantees extra fullness, our collective consciousness is inundated with age old ideas that appear comforting and fun. But this misguided gospel muddy’s the waters of successful, easy styling. In the modern world, one of the biggest myths surrounds razor-cutting. Nowadays more and more hairdressers cut with a razor instead of scissors. It’s an excellent way to create modern, low-maintenance hairstyles. Yet with all the myths and the legends, you may think it a sworn enemy of chic, stylish tresses. Let’s separate the myth from the reality…

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