From the daily archives: "Friday, January 3, 2014"
hair resolutions
The New Year is here, which means the gym is packed, the (former) smokers are cranky, and the hunt for a mate is on. Instead of making yourself miserable with common self-promises, why not work on getting great hair? Healthy and beautiful hair is achievable and it doesn’t take too much discipline. Click through to style notes to get the hair you’ve always wanted in 2014.–– Michelle Rotbart 

Gentlemen, don’t let your unruly hair prevent you from attaining your goals. Wildroot Cream-Oil will keep hair trim and handsome. And whether it’s capturing dragons or finding a cute gal-pal, Wildroot Cream-Oil gives you the confidence you need to succeed –– at least according to the above commercial. Personally, we think a little defining cream will do the trick but, for retro appeal, this video is certainly worth a look. –– Michelle Rotbart