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No matter how much you love your hair, there will always be days when it gets out of control. Especially in the winter. Gusty winds, swirling snow and freezing temperatures bring out the worst in your strands. Unruly, static-filled, and tangled tresses can be too much to handle. But you don’t have to fight an unruly mane. Instead, wrap it up in a silky glamorous scarf. You can even add a broach if you’re feeling dressy. You’ll look like movie star, and keep your hair on lockdown, all in a few simple steps. –– Laura Martin

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Did last week’s winter storm leave you itching to get out of town? It’s too early to start dreaming of a summer vacation but you can at least fake it in the mean time by rocking a do that says exotic glamor. A favorite style from Rachel Zoe’s newest collection is deconstructed braids––a modern take on a classic style that tells the world you love to travel and you’re off on your next adventure. With the right stylers and a little patience you’ll be able to wear this look in the jungle or the urban brush. Click through to style notes to get the look. –– Michelle Rotbart

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There are few hair problems that can’t be solved by a strategically placed undercut. The technique can remove bulk, eliminate cowlicks, give space to curls, and encourage hair to lay smooth and turn under. Tapered areas give a cut a tailored, menswear-influenced feeling, a lovely contrast for soft, feminine shapes. Click the style notes to learn more about incorporating an undercut into your look. –– Laura Martin

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