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Have you ever wondered why your haircut gets shaggy when it grows out, how long it will take your bob to reach your shoulders, or why your hair will never get as long as your friend’s? The answers all have to do with your hair’s growth cycle. It has three phases. The first, called the anogen phase is when hair is growing. It can last anywhere between 2-7 years. During this time, strands will grow at a rate of about 1/2″ a month. The second phase, catogen, is a resting phase. Hair stops growing and the follicle holding onto to it shrinks. In the last stage, called telogen, the hair detaches and falls out. The follicle stays empty for a while before it produces a new hair. Then, the cycle repeats. So what does this have to do with the questions posed above? Read on to find out. –– Laura Martin 

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boho twist

Let’s face it, it may be the start of a New Year but you’re already too lazy to try a complicated style for your hair. You’ve got other ambitions to pursue besides spending excessive amount of time primping. Which is why we’re bringing you an easy and quick tutorial for instant style, class, and a hint of glamour. Click through to style notes to get the look. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Golden hair is a big color trend this season, and with good reason. Gold adds shine to hair and a rosy flush to pale skin. It makes brown eyes sparkle and blue eyes flash. To many, “gold” is synonymous with brassiness—the unwanted warmth that results from lightening hair—but gold tones can be quite sophisticated. This deep metallic hue is rich and lustrous, more bronze than copper, with an elegant burnished finish. Read on for the professional formulation and tips on application. –– Laura Martin

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