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Most women and girls own a flatiron. It’s a great styling tool, ideal for fast fixes and dramatic sleekness. The heat of the plates means you can manipulate even the most unruly hair into a smooth and polished look. The only real caution is to be careful of the damage that the heat can cause to tresses. But this mishap, which tends to leave hair dry, brittle and porous, is easy to avoid if you follow a few simple guidelines –– and then you can focus on the fun of creative styling, and on the silky and beautifying results. For our tips on successful styling with a straightening iron, click style notes.

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We know the future lies in outer space and so we’ve already packed our Barbarella-like outfits for a weekend in MARS. But how are we going to keep our fabulous hair maintained in zero-gravity? Watch the above video for tips and tricks from NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg as she shows the world how she washes her hair while living in a weightless International Space Station. We only hope the intergalactic TSA will let us bring our beloved Refinish Dry Shampoo.  –– Michelle Rotbart 

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There are few fashion icons in the world of writing. Stylish authors are an anomaly, and while I can appreciate the quirky looks of writers like Jeanette Winterson, most female authors tend toward a bland, academic look (think black blazers and ponytails). But Miranda July (who is an artist, director, and performance artist as well as an author) is not only fashion conscious, she’s inspiring. She uses unusual combinations of patterns, loves bright colors, and incorporates lots of vintage pieces, for a unique, eclectic look. She wears her dark hair mid-length, in a variety of textures from bouncy to sleek, with a deep side part and sultry long bang. Click the style notes for tips on adopting Miranda’s look. –– Laura Martin

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This spring’s hairstyles have an element of aquatic fantasy. Soft waves, aqueous colors, saltwater texture, and wet-look finishes give an oceanic twist to the season’s looks. There are lots of ways to wear this trend and all of them will pair beautifully with the season pretty pastels and loosely cut shapes. Click the style notes for tips on adding maritime magic to your spring look. –– Laura Martin

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