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During WWII fabric, clothing, and hats were rationed; women were encouraged to go sparingly. The most creative ladies, however, found ways to remain chic by making use of items that they already owned. Check out the above video for retro yet fashionable turban tying techniques. For timeless elegance, beauty and grace recreate them today with cool printed scarfs. It can be a great addition to your winter vogue.  –– Michelle Rotbart 


Miley Cyrus’ hair cuts and colors have lived on the wild side for a while, so it’s nice to see a more feminine and beautifying look. The platinum tone creates a stark contrast with her piercing baby blues, offering a welcome reminder of her natural prettiness, oft forgotten amongst all the twerking. The short sides with longer layers through the top gives the style a playful, flirty feel, especially with the textured, side-swept bangs encouraging eyes to drift across her features. A good change-up for Miley, and the kind of color and cut girls about town will be striving to emulate. For our tips on achieving a similar look, click style notes.

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January is almost over, and spring is right around the corner (really, I promise!). Instead of dwelling in winter doldrums, I’m fantasizing about my look for the upcoming season, collecting brightly colored shoes and looking for new hairstyles. This cute, piecey shape is perfect for warm weather. The key to it is the fringe, worn thick and wide, wrapping down around the cheekbones. Choose a bang with choppy ends and lots of texture to enhance the overall movement or add some contrast with a geometric line. Whatever you choose, keep the fringe long, no shorter than the brow for the most contemporary look. Learn more about this playful cut in the style notes. –– Laura Martin 

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Red and black are both strong colors, and putting them together can sometimes feel overpowering. But with the right balance, these shades give strands a sultry glow, a combination of cool ash and soft fire. The black used here is actually a very dark drown with a bluish cast, which has a softer feeling than true jet. A rich brick red adds earthiness to the look and provides contrast to the darker hue without looking stark. Get the formula for this stunning color combination, and tips on making it work, in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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