From the daily archives: "Saturday, March 8, 2014"

Tight sides with a long top provide sleek body with a flexible crest that can look edgy or polished, depending on styling. Shorter lengths around the sides provide leanness and strength, giving masculine tailoring to looser lengths on top. For the guy who likes options, this shape will provide maximum versatility. Wear this cut sleek and smooth, sculpted into a pompadour, swept into a grungy tumble, or hanging loose.

Good times! Today, we are thrilled to welcome prodigious –– and beautiful –– New York fashion blogger, Heather Epstein, on to the blog. Usually, you can find her unique and insightful spin on making high fashion accessible on her blog, Fashionista New York Girl. On this day, however, she’s here to show off a gorgeous new hue, and tell us about her hair color journey. Heather, take it away….

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