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blow out

Months ago the hair scrunchie reappeared from 1987 and made a new debut on the runway and the street, even starring in a funky video with model Cara Delevingne. This month, the claw clip, another throwback accessory circa 1990, reemerged and is helping style mavens keep their perfectly blown out waves. You can preserve your salon ‘do by simply wrapping hair in a bun and securing with the mini claw clips. It’s a perfect technique for those of you who take the time to curl your hair or love to blow-out, as it helps to preserve these looks for extra days. Click through to style notes to get tips and tricks on using claw clips. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Spring is a great time to get romantic: put on some bright lipstick, tousle your hair, and add a big flirty bow. Bedhead is big this season, and it’s a great choice for the first warm days of spring when you’d rather be playing outside than fussing with your mane. The combination of wild texture with a refined bow works for styles both up and down. It could become your signature look. Click the style notes for step to creating it. –– Laura Martin

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We’ve all seen the trend for bright, poppy, candy colors in hair. While many people, like myself, love these shades, you may not be ready to sport such bold colors permanently; or maybe you like the style, yet can’t commit to one color, preferring to change it up weekly. Hair chalk is the answer. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is essentially makeup for hair. A temporary hair color, it washes away faster than the spray-in colors you may have used during Halloween. It’s a great way to test out a hair color you are considering for a permanent hue, and makes a fun and surprising change-up for a night on the town. Best of all chalk is easy and creative to play with at home, and works great on dark and light hair. Want to learn how to hair chalk? Follow my pictorial step-by-step how-to in the style notes… –– Kelly Rowe

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