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There’s a new trendy buzzword on the beauty scene––sombré. Sombré is a soft or subtle ombré, which involves lightening shades in a more natural way. Instead of pairing contrasting colors together or dip-dying ends, sombré gently transitions your base color into lighter ends (strategically placed highlights around the face and heavier highlights at the ends) for a more natural overall look. Essentially this style is a lazy girls dream––great dimension, simple maintenance, easy on the wallet. Lucky for me, my amazing colorist (Ali from ARROJO) is ahead of the trend and has been giving my tresses this treatment for the last year. Lucky for you, I’ve got the know-how on what you need to know to get a similar look from your stylist. Click style notes for details. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Rumpled waves bring a new dimension to blunt shapes, adding a touch of bedhead sexiness to polished cuts. The mussed texture takes the edge off of precise outline, so the look feels polished, but not severe. The style is easy, breezy, and perfect for summer. Click the style notes for steps to adding squiggles to your classic cut. –– Laura Martin

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In this snap taken from the “Begin Again” photo call in London, Keira Knightly’s impressive jawline is perfectly framed by the clever positioning of the delicate and airy waves. The style stays straight from the roots to below the eye, where a light and loose wave cascade comes into play, drawing attention to the shape of the jaw, lips and chin –– Keira’s most flawless and feminine facial features. It just goes to show that even beautiful seraphs use their hair to spotlight their best features. Learn how to shape similar styles in the notes.

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