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26e93a94d1c3a0ebb00b31da48c233faWhat is your favorite color? Mine is neon. Ok, it isn’t a color, but pretty much anything that is a neon shade I will go for.  Neon is really trendy right now, but it needs to be done right. Neon accessories, clothes, and now hair are all popular ways to make the trend ar part of your image. Click the notes for tips on how to get hair that pops. –– Kelly Rowe 

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Though we’re style aficionados most of the time, occasionally we’re guilty of being lazy and not wanting to put too much effort into a hairstyle, especially when the it’s too hot outside. But looking cool, modern, and chic during the humid summer days is easy thanks to the enduring top knot, a hairstyle that is still trending after at least three seasons in the spotlight. Currently our favorite top knot it textured, windblown, young and on edge. Click through to style notes to get the look and stay cool all summer. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Fashion Blogger Lua P. of Le Happy ( has worn many variations of red-to-blonde ombre, ranging from subtle to extreme. But her latest variation is the brightest yet. Vibrant apple-red roots, ruby mid-lengths and peach ends make for a bold, yet blended interpretation of ombre. Click the style notes for formulas and application tips to recreate the look. –– Laura Martin

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Bangs emphasize the eyes and cheekbones, conceal unruly hairlines, and create visual balance. But despite these benefits, most women with natural curls avoid fringe, afraid of creating a styling nightmare. The gorgeous styles pictured here wouldn’t bee the same without their face-framing perimeter, which adds softness and structure to shapes both long and short. With the right products and styling tricks, your curls can create a beautiful, brow-dusting border. Read on to learn how. –– Laura Martin

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Smooth hair in the summer can seem impossible. Humidity can instantly ruin all the hard work you put in to make your hair sleek and shiny. The trick to getting and keeping soft hair is the right prep and the right tools. Click the notes for tips on how to have shiny locks all summer. –Kelly Rowe

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