From the daily archives: "Wednesday, July 23, 2014"

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I tend to associate the word tendril with cutesy curls tumbling from a fussy updo. But these tendrils aren’t precious, they’re rough, wild, and whimsical. Long, uneven wisps of hair downplay the formally of an updo and add a capricious twist to short cuts. The look is both feminine and rough-around-the edges, an intriguing combination. Learn more in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Smokey tones tinged with pastel provide a new, dusky spectrum of shades. These colors are rich, soft, and mysterious. They’re a lovely contrast to light and bright summer ensembles and will pair beautifully with the richer hues of autumn and winter. To learn more about these dusky, delicate hues, click the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Styled and sent in by Stephanie Hoy, stylist at the Avant Garde Hair Studio, Vancouver, this awe-inspiring image is taken from an editorial from the an anniversary issue of Kirameki Magazine, the Asian fashion publication. Featuring a world of micro-crimping and a vivid blue-black color, the styling blends Japanese street fashion with elements of anime, like the pin curls that look like cat ears. Along with the image, Stephanie also sent us her styling steps, which offer an insightful look at creating an avant-garde image. Click through for her notes.

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