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Likely to give the topknot –– the current queen of the upstyles – a run for its money, we’re loving this new take on the chignon, spotted on the Temperly London runway. A reinvention of a classic, the style is original and elegant, giving you a unique look for a wedding, dinner party, or night on the town. In the style notes, learn how to create it…

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katie holmes

The activewear trend has been extremely popular on the street and last week it finally made its way to the red carpet. At the premiere of The Giver, actress Katie Holmes was spotted rocking a messy, textured topknot that looked more appropriate for a sweaty gym session than a Hollywood opening night. Call us strange, but we loved it. It was a perfect mix of street style with a dash of elegance. Best yet, you don’t have to walk the red carpet to try this look on. Click through to style notes to learn the details of how to get this nonchalant look. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Purple and Gold are rich hues associated with royalty and they’re stunning together. Violet and yellow sit directly opposite each other on the painter’s color wheel, making them complimentary hues. When paired they magnify each other. If you were painting, the areas where these colors mixed would produce brown, but in hair color, mixing these two shades correctly produces red. That’s because hair color operates on the additive, not subtractive, color wheel, which uses light, not pigment. All you really need to know is that it works and the results are stunning. Click the style notes for formulas and tips to achieving this complementary blend. –– Laura Martin

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