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Coming along just before Fashion Week, last night’s MTV Video Music Awards offered a preliminary peek at upcoming fall fashion and beauty trends, and the red carpet didn’t disappoint. The celebrity titivations included lots of pink makeup, plunging necklines, and Miley Cyrus with her pants back on. One of our favorite recurring themes was the sleek, slicked back strands seen on Iggy Azalea, Renee Bargh, Rita Ora, Ali Fedotowsky, amongst others. The swept off the face look adds drama, without the overly feminine formality of a proper updo. The style works in a variety of lengths and can become your got-to for glamorous fall occasions. Learn how to make it in the style notes.

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It may seem a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t clean their hair brushes. If you brush your hair just once a day, it is enduring plenty of wear and tear. It’s also collecting product, oil, and dust which you don’t want to be redistributing throughout your locks. Fear not, we came across a solution that will clean out your brushes in minutes and help you maintain smooth and shiny tresses. Click through to style notes to get the details. –Michelle Rotbart

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It’s easy to forget the beauty of simplicity. I love wild layers and edgy textures, but there are few things I find more elegant than the clean, classic blunt cut. It’s just so effortless. The precision edge looks gorgeous smooth or tousled, flowing loose or tucked behind the ears. No other cut will make your hair look as thick or as healthy. Try it below the shoulder or above the chin, the cut works great on a variety of lengths. Click the notes to learn more about this understated classic. –– Laura Martin

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