From the daily archives: "Saturday, September 6, 2014"


The preening under the tents has begun. New York Fashion Week is here and the world is waiting to find out what to wear. From Day One, it seems like there’s a few themes going on. Rather than trying to perfectly recreate what a bevy of the world’s most beautiful people, styled by the world’s most talented artists, look like, the trick to Fashion Week is to pick up general trends, and customize them to you. Get our thoughts on the best Day One hairstyles in the style notes.

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While most people are admiring the fabulous new looks for upcoming seasons, I am always busy admiring the hair. Just like clothing, the hair coming down the runway is an indicator of hairstyles to come in upcoming months. But there is one problem: most of these looks, like the clothes that come down the runway, are not suitable for everyday streetwear. Take inspiration from the runway and click the notes for tips on how to adapt these styles to your life. –– Kelly Rowe

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