From the daily archives: "Sunday, September 14, 2014"


This shorter and darker ‘do is a perfect fit for Megan Fox. Her hair is usually kept a little longer and a little lighter, but the shorn, lob-like length helps to keep her looking youthful and modern, hanging off her shoulders to elegantly frame her face. Darker colors suit most of us better in the fall season as our complexions are usually a bit paler and less sunny, and this mysterious dark brown color does the trick, creating a nice contrast to her piercing blue eyes. This style is easy to steal at the salon. Learn what to ask your stylist for in the notes.

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Victory rolls is a vintage hairstyle, but they come with a rockabilly cool that makes it an enviable contemporary hairstyle. This upgraded version is great for the club. Paired with some extra bold makeup and clothes, the dance floor spotlight will definitely be on you. Learn how to get this style in the notes. –– Kelly Rowe

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