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One of the most common moans is that of the women or girl who wants hair like she’s just come out of the salon everyday. It is possible to recreate the magic of your stylist at home, but to do so the first step is to use professional quality products and tools. There’s a reason a pro won’t use any old product (bad ingredients dry out and damage hair) or pin (poorly made pins can cause snags and tears). So we asked Aziza Rasulova, stylist, updo and braid specialist at ARROJO NYC, to share here thoughts on some of these things. She’s starting with U shaped hair pins; get the scoop in the style notes.

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flat iron waves

Curls and waves are in but the dizzying amount of curling irons, wands, and wavers can leave you confused and penniless. Good news for you though, you probably have the one tool that you need already in your endless supply of hair goodies –– your flat iron! That’s right the product you use to get those silky straight styles is the one you can use to create bouncy curls. Click the notes to find out how. –– Kelly Rowe 

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