From the daily archives: "Monday, September 29, 2014"

wavy bob

Beauty, much like fashion is an evolution of looks; each season a classic gets an update and then the followings season that update gets an update. So it makes sense that following the the bob, and then the lob a new variation has appeared––the wob (wavy bob). We’ve seen celebrities like Taylor Swift and Emma Stone wearing the look which means it will only get bigger and have quite the staying power. The wob, is a great look due to it’s clean yet low-maintenance style and looks both sophisticated and playful. And it’s a great short look without the full commitment. Care to take your bob or lob to the next level? Click through to style notes for our wave enhancing tips. –– Michelle Rotbart

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I love it when a designer bucks the trend and creates something completely unexpected, and Tom Ford’s Spring Summer 2015 ready-to-wear show was nothing if not unexpected. Dark hues, heavily made-up eyes, platform shoes and sexy shaggy hair made his runway presentation a controversial standout. In a season of understated style, a touch of 70s glam rock was like a breath of fresh air, a great reminder that it takes all kinds, in any season. Cause a stir with grungy glamour, learn how in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Coloring your hair has great benefits other than just changing the hue. There are some little known perks of hair color that all colorists know about, but do you? You’re in luck. Today I am going to share them because everybody deserves to wear great hair. Click the notes and find out if you have one of the hair types that could get a boost from hair color. –– Kelly Rowe

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