From the daily archives: "Sunday, October 5, 2014"


Sometimes our hair can start to look dull. Dull hair is normally the result of product buildup that even with our quick shampoo in the shower we cannot get out or really off of our strands. It’s the weekend so it’s the best time to try this deep clean at home while you have a few hours to yourself. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

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After a few years of beach waves and loose carefree styles, the texture trend is about to explode. Although a curling iron or wand can be a great tool, making it easy to create waves and curls as quick as a flash, there are some downsides: It’s a fairly temporary solution, lasting a day or two at the most; and the blistering heat of hot-tools can dry out and damage your locks, especially if you use them regularly. For those looking for a full-time fix, American Wave is a permanent texture enhancing service for creating tailored modern textures. Alternatively, why not bring back the age old art of setting hair on rollers? A breeze to work with, rollers get hairs working together so you can shape and style in a new way. It makes rollers creative and fun to work with. Here’s the basics of successful roller-setting….

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