From the daily archives: "Saturday, October 11, 2014"


Girls that lighten their hair to lovely shades of blonde have the infamous problem of not being able to grow their hair long. The process of lightening hair can be rough on the actual strands, causing them to be weak and break before they get to a longer length. So are unnatural blondes doomed to having to turn to extensions? Yes if you aren’t careful, no if you follow these hair care tips. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

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Elizabeth Hail’s pretty and textured side sweep is a great weekend change up option for longer haired ladies. By keeping one side casually tucked back, with the other side textured and tumbling forward, she creates a beautiful asymmetrical face frame with plenty of visual interest. The cute pushed to the side bang completes the style with and classy touch, one that spotlights her eyes. Learn about shaping similar styles in the notes.

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