From the daily archives: "Sunday, November 2, 2014"


I’m a gym rat. I do not go to the gym to flounce about, do a few pushups, and preen myself at the bar. I go for a serious work out. When I leave, a little dry shampoo is never going to make me look all fresh and clean again. So what are fitness chicks supposed to do? The constant showering can leave locks dry and dull. Click the notes for how to maintain hair health while putting in hours at the gym. –Kelly Rowe

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Holographic by Ashley Kowalsky and Zach Norman, two leading colorists at ARROJO NYC, blends the trendsetting art of hair painting with the vanguard art of air brushing, which uses compressed air to apply color in tailored gradients, creating light intensity and illumination that drifts with the shape of the style. The technique enables even more creative color creations and placements, which is exemplified by this collection. See all the images in the notes.

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