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hair tuck

It’s difficult to look cute and effortless in the winter. All those layers and all that cold wind smacking you in the face does not bode beauty. However, there is one effortless look that comes together well during this season. The Hair Tuck. You may have already heard of it, but didn’t realize this fashion served beauty trick was a style. It typically happens when you pull on a sweater or toss on a coat and your hair gets tucked underneath. It’s the new take on cool girl hair and designers were obsessed with it for their fall/winter ensembles. It’s pretty and uncomplicated and will save you from being abused by the cold weather. To learn what styles to wear this look with click through to notes. –– Michelle Rotbart


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Bright, sunny golden-peach strands are the perfect cure for winter doldrums. Adding warmth to pale shades gives them a shiny, healthful glow and provides a stunning contrast to pale skin. Try the coral0blonde base shade on its own, or add even more vibrancy by dusting ends with a wash of copper or goldenrod. Click the style notes for pro formulas and tips on application. –– Laura Martin

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Smooth roots paired with bouncy ends recalls old-hollywood glamour. The look is easy to achieve with an old school method which involves setting hair on strips of fabrics. Depending on the size of your sections, the dampness of the hair, and the tightness of the wrap, this technique can produce textures ranging from loose beach waves to tight coils. Click the style notes for step-by-step instructions. –– Laura Martin

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