From the daily archives: "Friday, December 12, 2014"


The piercing baby blues and the flawless profile may be hard to match, but recreating Miranda Kerr’s bombshell blow out is a lot easier to do. By tucking one side back and allowing the other side to fall forwards, she creates a beautiful asymmetrical face fame that encourages the eyes to drift across her face, taking in all the wonderful features. The tousle on the ends adds the artful, romantic touch. For tips on making this style for yourself, click notes.

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Tis the season for holiday parties –– yay! In the next few weeks you might catch yourself running right from the office to your company holiday bash. If you don’t have time to start from scratch on your makeup, there are a few quick techniques you can use to punch up your makeup to a more glamorous look. Read on for quick fixes to use on your way to the next event. –– By Katie McBroom