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Excessive hair cleansing can be a killer. The product you use the most is the one that gives you the most trouble. Shampoo is something we all need. It removes product buildup, gives a fresh scent, and gets hair in the soft and pliable state that makes restyling easy. But it’s not something you need to put over your whole head every time you step in the shower. Click the notes for details about your shampoo and how to stop over washing. –– Kelly Rowe

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A new Friday feature flashing back to our most popular posts of all time begins today with professional stylist, Kelly Rowe’s wildly popular perusal on the things you can learn from the habits of your hair stylist. . . .

Whatever your job is you’re an expert in it, and that expertise probably carries into other aspects of your life where you can apply your knowledge, like the mechanic who can fix his car. Hair stylists know exactly what to do with their own hair on a daily basis and most of the time don’t realize they are doing it. Click the notes for hair stylist hair habits you should start following. –Kelly Rowe

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After lots of nipple-freeing glamorization, Moschino flare, and pandering to her celebrity entourage Rihanna has gone back to her street style roots for her latest cover, the pre-spring issue of ID. Paring a plethora of long, tightly woven braids with gold hooped earrings, the Barbadian songstress looks like the rebirth of TLC. No scrubs, you can learn this look in the notes.

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The SAG Awards saw another outing for red carpet favorite, Sleek Low Pony. Opposed to a high pony, which offers lots of attention-grabbing drama, a low pony sings sophistication, refinement, and elegance. In recent times, nobody has worn it better than Emma Stone did at last weekend’s awards ceremony. On such a seemingly simple style, the difference-maker is the detailing, like a perfectly clean part and soft asymmetry. Get tips for recreating Emma Stone’s portrayal of this classic look in the notes.

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