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2014 was the year of the bob, so the many wearers of chin-length looks are now most likely thinking about a new style for 2015. Until you do decide on what that new ‘do will be, you can pick up on current trends for casual, tousled, or rock and roll statement styles by artfully styling your hair with these aesthetics in mind. For our tips, click notes.

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Hair loss is not a fun thing to talk about, but it is a common problem for both men and women. Some hair loss is simply a matter of heredity but hair loss can also result from changes in diet, medication and stress levels. By learning more about what causes hair loss you can maximize your chances of maintaining a lifetime of healthy hair. Learn more about the top five causes of non-hereditary hair loss in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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I’ve stated many times that I don’t think pastels are just for spring and summer. Pastels are great because by shifting the tone a little bit you can make them work for any season, icy or sunny. Plus, it’s a trend I don’t see fading anytime soon, so you can keep evolving it through winter, spring and summer. Click the notes for winter pastel color tips. –– Kelly Rowe

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