From the daily archives: "Friday, January 9, 2015"


How many of today’s stars will sign hair and makeup deals 60 years after they begin their eternal rest? Her posthumous advertising campaigns just go to show what a world-changing icon Marilyn Monroe truly was. Candice Swanepoel is the latest celebrity to stand in her reflected glory, interpreting Monroe’s customary hair and makeup look for a picture posted on Instagram. You too can channel the sex appeal of Hollywood’s sauciest star. Learn how in the style notes.

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Getting a haircut that makes you look slimmer doesn’t have to be a challenge. A few cutting and styling tricks can help. Many people have the false assumption that straighter, longer hair is the only way to achieve this slimming effect but that’s not true at all and, worse, it’s this that leaves people holding onto their old cut like a security blanket. Click the notes for more —Kelly Rowe

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