From the daily archives: "Friday, January 16, 2015"


A style made famous by the film stars of the forties, glamorous waves combined with a deep, stylistic side-part is a classic style that is having a modern moment. Seen on a slew of stars at recent award ceremonies, this look is as sexy and as sophisticated as it ever was. The face-framing asymmetry and the cascading curls will never go out of fashion because it is a naturally beautifying style. In days gone by this look would have been created with a brushed out roller set; nowadays, though, instead of having to set hair over several hours, or even overnight, you can use hot-tools to make this look as quick as a flash. Learn the steps in the style notes…

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Hair and your appearance is a very personal thing; going to the salon means you are trusting a person to change what face you put out into the world. Picking the right salon can be a hard thing to do and while trying a couple salons is fine, salon hopping can be detrimental to your strands. So how do you choose who masters your mane? Click the notes. –– Kelly Rowe

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