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sarah hyland

Sarah Hyland ran off with the prize for the best fashion and beauty look at last night’s SAG Awards. Wearing a sophisticated yet youthful Vera Wang dress, the Modern Family star chose a sleek from the front contorted in the back version of the French twist hairstyle. The look is intricate and chic, offers lots of visual interest, and keeps all the hair off of the face and neck, so Sarah can show off her beautiful and delicate features. Learn how to create your own version of this style in the notes.

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wet hair

In an ideal world, your hair would magically dry into a prefect style after your evening shower. We’d all go to bed with perfectly dry hair and wake up without a hair out of place, no tufts or flyaways daring to make an appearance. Sadly, in real life, this doesn’t happen. For those of us who like to rinse at night and are sick of blow-drying before bed, there is still hope. Click through to style notes for the details on how to go to bed with wet hair and wake up with wonderful hair. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Image 1-24-15 at 12.19 PM

Radiant red-gold is reminiscent of solar flares: the sudden bright flashes that burst forth from the surface of the sun. The shade is a fresh take on the rose-gold trend of last year, shifting the tone in a warmer direction. The hue is a blend of soft wheat and vibrant sunset, earthy and full of warmth. Click the style notes for the professional formulation and tips on application. –– Laura Martin

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When it comes to fashion, everything is cyclical. Whether you’re talking about long skirts, short hair, or frosted lips, trends repeat. Of course, each time something comes back it changes a bit, but the core idea is still the same. No one tries to rename the pencil skirt just because the hemline rises and falls, but with hair it’s a different story. In 2012, when Karlie Kloss chopped off her locks, stylist Garren insisted that her cut was not a bob, but a new shape that he dubbed “the Chop.” The name didn’t stick, but the shape inspired many long haired women to try their own bob variations.

In the last few weeks fashion insiders have been clamoring to predict the “it” cut of 2015. Some call it the “uncut” others the “swag” or the “modern Farrah.” But all the new names are referring to slight variations of the shag—worn in tousled waves or piecey bedhead texture. Calling it by a familiar name has two advantages. First, it allows for greater customization: short or long, with or without bangs. Second, it prevents confusion between you and your stylist so you’re sure to get the cut you want. Click the style notes to learn more about the rebirth of this classic cut. –– Laura Martin

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