From the daily archives: "Friday, February 6, 2015"


In the world of beauty, one of the terms most often googled is “how do I make my hair grow faster, stronger, thicker, longer”; and the variations thereof. For centuries, this has given rise to a fabulous array of snake oils. Rather than falling for their charms, eat the foods that encourage healthy hair and scalp, and you can naturally promote growth. Find five delicious foods with all the ingredients to make your hair a picture of health in the notes.

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Star of Once Upon a Time, Jennifer Morrison looks like a fairy princess in this style. Pairing her long golden blonde locks with a braided bang and tumbling waves, her hair has a beautiful, ethereal quality. Not too flashy, but chic, alluring and charming, it’s a perfect style for a weekend date night: The braid artfully keeps hair off the face, exposing the features, the color contrasts her eyes for a piercing effect, and the waves add the romantic appeal, completing the eye-catching look. Learn how to create it in the notes.

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