From the daily archives: "Thursday, April 2, 2015"


Of all the festival necessities glitter seems to reign supreme. However, putting glitter anywhere is notoriously messy and impossible to clean. People hate glitter so much there is actually a websites that allow you to secretly mail your enemies envelopes of glitter and glitter bombs. So how can you take this nightmare and turn it into something awesome? Click the notes. –– Kelly Rowe

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I recently spotted a number of celebrities like Ciara, Beyonce and even Madonna wearing some Rapunzel-esque hair. Even on the Dior runway some extra long ponies were a plenty. I blame it like on the ‘70s revival, since icons like Diana Ross and Cher were rocking this look in the groovy era. Long hair isn’t all don’t care though… there are a number of things to be aware of for maintaining great lengths. So if you’re interested in pulling off some long tresses, click through to style notes to learn the tips and tricks on achieving long and great hair. –– Michelle Rotbart


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Have you ever had a purse or jacket lined with a beautiful silk fabric, probably in a color or pattern too bold to wear on the outside? It’s like a delightful secret, carrying around that bit of hidden beauty. This color placement is just like that, bright tones tucked away on the underside of a classic shape. It’s a great way to give your bob a little extra something. Click the style notes to learn how. –Laura Martin 

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