From the daily archives: "Saturday, April 25, 2015"

Woman with beautiful body on a tropical beach

Well it doesn’t feel like spring. Just when you think things are starting to warm up, back comes the frost and the jackets, and if you are in New York like myself, everyone is back to wearing black. If Mother Nature won’t cooperate what can you do to perk yourself up? Have a beach inspired day in your own house. Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

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By now we are all familiar with hair chalk. Hair chalk is a great way to bring different shades to your hair and test out fun colors without the fear of commitment. So, what if you want something on a temporary basis but want it vibrant? Well the thing with vibrancy is you run the risk of staining which means it’s no longer a temporary option. However, with a few tricks you can make sure your color washes out at the end of the night. Click the notes for how you can do it. –– Kelly Rowe

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