From the daily archives: "Sunday, April 26, 2015"

Portrait of a young woman waking up in bed and stretching her arms

There are many tips out there for waking up with great hair. A lot of them, however, are super uncomfortable. Sleeping in buns or spongy rollers is great in theory but you try it –– I guarantee you will take them out because you can’t nod off. Click through to the notes to find tips and tricks for waking to great hair, and getting a good sleep while you’re at it –– Kelly Rowe

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Are you inspired by the “mermaid hair” trend? This look normally involved shades of blue, purple, and green intertwined in color melts throughout your hair to give an ethereal mermaid of the sea feeling. The truth is that this isn’t practical for most people’s everyday life. Not many people are in job that would be okay with their employees walking around with this fantasy-inspired hair. So how can you adopt the look so it works for the more average life? Click the notes. –– Kelly Rowe

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