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Australian darling of pop-hip-hop Izzy Azalea isn’t relying on her chops to bring home the bacon. The Fancy singer got tapped to front the latest Bonds ad campaign and her powerful pose is a “relatable” body image for the brand. But we think it’s her hair that will be desired the most. Her classic flaxen tone looks luminous and voluminous, and her swooshing side part, tumbling down the shoulders in negligent swirls, is an eye-catching combination of sassiness and sexiness. How can you get a similar style? Learn more in the notes.

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Ponytails are a staple––a style to fall back on when time is short or inspiration low. Whether you’re headed to the barre or the bar, a well crafted ponytail never fails to be a fitting look. But a standard pony is not for all occasions, which is why it’s worth taking a little bit of time to master a dressier version of the classic. Creating greater ponytails may not be as easy as your gym pony at first, but all you need to do is practice a few tricks. Click through to style notes to get the know how, and be the master of perfect ponytails before your next cocktail date. –– Michelle Rotbart

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Are your blowouts sleek, shiny and smooth or do you find yourself battling frizz? If you have natural curls transforming your strands into a straight style can be challenging. For success you need great products, the right tools and a little insider knowledge. Click the style notes for detailed steps to success. –– Laura Martin

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