From the daily archives: "Friday, May 1, 2015"


Perfect for when you want to be little miss chic; magic for covering up a bad hair day; fabulous for when you don’t want to think about it, hats are cool and funky and fun. Now that the sun’s coming out, they are also a great way to protect your hair and face from UV rays and sunburn. So with the sun set to put his hat on this weekend, learn how to wear a hat in a casual yet elegant way. . . .

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Winged Eyeliner

I pretty much came out of the womb rocking winged eyeliner—it’s a classic look that never goes out of style. From Marilyn Monroe to Lauren Conrad, with bold red lips or a sweet pink flush, winged eyeliner can be dressed up or dressed down like your favorite little black dress. For something so simple and versatile, however, it can be a difficult look to achieve. Check the notes for tips and tricks on how to perfect your winged liner look. –– Olivia Paladino

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