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woman with a dirty hair with disgust and surprize on her face

What is the dirty hair barrier? The dirty hair barrier is the point at which your hair gets and feels oily, greasy, and dirty. Depending your own hair this may happen everyday or once a week. You may feel it’s impossible to push your shampoo much further past this for fear of your hair just looking plain gross. The truth is you can get past it and space out your shampoos even further, which is always good for you hair. Click the notes for the 3 steps. –– Kelly Rowe 

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louis vuitton cover

The resort season is already upon us. Karl Lagerfeld showed Chanel in Seoul, Dior stayed in France, and Nicolas Ghesquière’s just showed the LV collection at the Bob Hope estate in California. With Nicolas Ghesquière citing the cult ’70s film 3 Women as one of the inspirations for the cruise collection, its only natural that the beauty looks followed. Messy and bedhead-esque waves in the desert were a nod to Pinky Rose, the character in the film played by a young Sissy Spacek. Fresh and glowing faces done up by makeup guru Pat McGrath were equally energetic. The collection in general left a nice sense of playfulness––perfect for the Californian attitude. To see some of my favorite looks from the show, click through to style notes. –– Michelle Rotbart 

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braids cover

The term “braid” covers a lot of ground—from tough cornrows to romantic waterfalls. You’ve probably heard of fishtails, milkmaids, and four-strands, but you may not be clear on what each technique looks like. But fear not, with a little knowledge you’ll be wearing looks Daenerys Targaryen would envy in no time. Click the style notes for a glossary of all the basic braid types with accompanying photos. –– Laura Martin

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