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Headscarves are the perfect accessory for summer styles. Summer clothes and accessories tend to be more simple and delicate in nature so adding a bright scarf punches up a style without too much effort. Click the notes for how to achieve these 4 looks. –– Kelly Rowe

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hair whip

The elusive water whip shot also known as the mermaid shot can be extremely difficult to get. Trying to snap a picture at just the right time can be impossible and getting all of your hair to stand up and spread out may not turn out exactly how you want. This photo is all about the “whip” technique, depth of water, and how you take the pic. Click the notes to get all the details, and learn to make your Facebook friends mad with jealousy. –– Kelly Rowe


Step: You need to be in water no deeper than your low hip. You need all the force of your upper body to get your hair to stand up, not just flick your head up, and if the water is too deep you can’t get that. For added effect do it at sunrise or sunset depending on which coast you are on to get an image like the one in this post.

Step: Bend forward and dip your hair in the water, make sure everything but the roots is wet. You need them to be able to move so your hair will separate and move when you mermaid flip it.


Step: Now your photographer has two options for getting the perfect shot

Option A: Set the camera to video and record, later selecting the frame with the best shot.

Option B: If your camera has the option to take multiple photos simply by holding down the picture taking button, you can do that.

Step: The whip. Tell you photographer to start filming/snapping. Now whip you hair up with force using the strength of your upper body, not your neck. Try to get to a perfectly straight standing position and freeze, this is what will make your hair separate and create the cool waterfall effect.


By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.