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There’s a new hair vocab word in the beauty industry this summer: bronde. What is it? Blonde for lazy girls. And a beautiful hybrid of light and dark, blonde color with a brown base. Think ombré without the big contrast and without the upkeep. It’s currently hot because it creates natural color without the hassle and is a great way to go lighter without looking over-processed. The look requires less maintenance because your colorist doesn’t have to work close to your root. Letting your natural color grow in at the roots is part of the look, and the appeal. Thinking about trying this look on? Click through to style notes to see some of the best celebs wearing this trend. –– Michelle Rotbart

sienna miller

Sienna Miller is at the top of my celebrity hair-crush list. She always looks great, but she also takes a lot of risks. Her style is a perfect blend of glamorous and grungy, and it’s always evolving. Many girls with bobs find a style that works and stick to it, but not Sienna. Her chin-length look undergoes surprisingly frequent transformations. One day she’s wearing a gothic braided crown, the next tousled beachy texture, then glossy polished waves. Learn to transform your bob into each of these looks in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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Up until a few years ago hair color placements nearly always had a vertical orientation. Color was applied in block, weaves or strips, with a single shade extending from roots to ends. But recently a wave of new techniques ranging from ombre to splash lights have quite literally taken color placements in a new direction: horizontally. Working on a new axis opens a wealth of possibilities. We’re seeing color that mimics pixels, light and shadow, iridescence. Learn more the above looks in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

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