From the daily archives: "Saturday, June 6, 2015"

Beautiful Brunette Girl with Healthy Long Hair


I have been coloring my hair for what feels like all my life. But what I really want is my hair to look like the untouched tresses that have never seen bleach in their life. Unfortunately, the chances of me actually stopping my highlight addiction are slim to none. So how do you fake virgin hair? Click the notes. –– Kelly Rowe

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Trendy Hipster Girl with Sunglasses standing on the stairs

Summer is here and nothing is better than having those sun-lightened strands. When you were young, you probably got these every summer, a summer blonde from spending so much time playing outside. Nowadays, your time outside may be limited, but a few tricks can help you get back to your childhood blonde. Click the notes to get sun kissed tresses. –– Kelly Rowe

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