From the daily archives: "Sunday, June 7, 2015"

Woman with healthy long hair


Everyone wants shiny hair. Shiny hair reflects good health and youthfulness but also, it looks really, really good. Summer is notorious for making it difficult to keep strands shining. There are many factors leading to hair losing its shimmering qualities, like sun damage, dried or fried tresses, and fading color, to name a few. Click the notes for tips on how to keep your mirror like quality. –– Kelly Rowe

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rose gold

Finding the perfect summer shade can be difficult because everything turns a bit brassy and everything fades. Whether it’s swimming in the ocean or pool, showering constantly because you are hot, or spending a lot of time out in the sun you can’t escape situations that blanch the beauty of a pretty hue. Finding a shade that looks great with your tan (or sunburn) is tricky too. Is there a perfect summer shade? YES! Click the notes for more. –– Kelly Rowe

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