From the daily archives: "Sunday, June 14, 2015"

short hair blonde woman

I am a long-haired girl. I’ve had long hair and longer hair with the help of extensions for years. However, just because I love my longer tresses doesn’t mean I have never had it short, really short. I’m a firm believer that you need to try short hair at least once in your life, and not a cop out long bob, I’m taking about really short, like a crop. Click the notes for the reasons why this is important for all women and girls. –– Kelly Rowe

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Beautiful Brunette Woman.

When you are out and about you may spot someone with great hair and in that moment think to yourself, “I wish I had hair like that.” Getting great hair takes work, more like habitual behaviors. People with great hair may have genetics on their side but they also follow a strict hair care routine to keep their locks looking great. Click the notes to find out how to get them. –– Kelly Rowe

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